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onday June 9
Friday June 2
08.00   Welcoming Coffee
08.30   Optimal vascular imaging for every (endo)vascular program
    Animator: Richard Mc Williams
    Moderator: Isabelle Van Herzeele
08.30   Case 1: Imaging needed in peripheral interventions, Lieven Maene
 08.45   Case 2: Fusion Imaging to safely treat aortic dissection, Adrien Hertault
 09.00   Case 3: Surveillance after EVAR/EVAS, Iain Roy
 09.15   Case 4: Chimney EVAS case, Tze Chan
 09.30   Case 5: Radiation protection in (F)EVAR, Adrien Hertault
    Take home message by the animator
10.00   Coffee break
10.30   Endovascular TAA(A) repair anno 2017
    Animators: Nicola Mangialardi, Barend Mees
    Moderators: Nuno Dias, Christan Etz, Mario Lachat, Matteo Orrico, Geert Willem Schurink,
                  Piotr Szopinsky
 10.30   Techniques for endovascular aortic arch repair, Mario Lachat, Matteo Orrico
 10.50   Predicting adverse events after type B aortic dissection, Geert Willem Schurink
11.10   Off the shelf devices for TAA repair, Piotr Szopinsky
11.30   Pre-conditioning of the spinal cord, Christan Etz
11.50   Fate of the target vessels in endovascular TAAA repair, Nuno Dias
12.10   Discussion
12.30   Lunch break on the rooftop
13.30   Femoropopliteal disease:
the right device for femoropopliteal lesions
    Animator: Yann Gouëffic
    Moderators: Laurent Chiche, Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Francesco Liistro,
                  Lieven Maene, Herman Schroe
 13.30   Clinical case 1: DEB is my favorite option, Francesco Liistro
 13.45   Clinical case 2: DES: just do it, Wouter Lansink
 14.00   Clinical case 3: Bioresorbable stent for the future, Lieven Maene
 14.15   Clinical case 4: Covered stent is my favorite repair for ISR, Koen Deloose
  Clinical case 5: Debulking device is the best treatment for ISR, Eric Ducasse
 14.45   Clinical case 6: Bypass is still a good option, Laurent Chiche
    Take home message by the animator
15.15   The endovascular treatment of CFA
    Animator: Lieven Maene
    Moderators: Yvonne Bausback, Koen Deloose, Yann Gouëffic, Giovanni Pratesi,
                  Aljoscha Rastan, Nikos Werner
 15.15   Clinical case 1: Debulking is required, Aljoscha Rastan
 15.30   Clinical case 2: I do not fear to realize CFA stenting, Koen Deloose
 15.45   Clinical case 3: CFA bifurcation endovascular treatment is not a problem, Yvonne Bausback
 16.00   Clinical case 4: Troubleshooting, Yann Gouëffic
 16.15   Clinical case 5: Why do I prefer treating CFA with 4F solutions?, Bertrand Saint Lebes
16.30   Clinical case 6: Open surgery is still the gold standart, Giovanni Pratesi
    Take home message by the animator
17.00   Associate Faculty Program (oral presentations)
    Animators: Adrien Hertault, Célia Riga
    Moderator: Nicholas Cheshire
18.35   Awards and adjournment

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