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SUNDAY June 8: MEET Congress 2014 DAY 1 VIDEO

• Venous session :
- Tumescent less saphenous ablation
- Preservation of saphenous trunks
- New trends
• 7th Annual Joint Meeting of ISES & MEET: Thoracic branch stent grafts complications

MONDAY June 9: MEET Congress 2014 DAY 2 VIDEO

• New developments in carotid stenting
• EVAR challenges: follow-up, endoleaks and complications
• Renal artery stenosis and denervation
• Honorary guests lectures
• Meet the companies: Hot topics & the newest interventional techniques 
• Industry sponsored symposia

TUESDAY June 10: MEET Congress 2014 DAY 3 VIDEO

• BTK & CLI: How to succeed?
• Choosing covered stents
• CTO management
• Oral presentations and videos competitions
• Industry sponsored symposium

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